Ordination of Fr. Dn. John Daher to the holy rank of Priesthood

Sunday June 23rd, 2019 | St. Mary’s, Mays Hill, NSW

Commemorating the Feast of All Saints, Deacon John Daher was ordained to the rank of priesthood by the Divine Grace of the Holy Spirit, and through the laying of hands, of His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios.

The clergy, along with the faithful of NSW, and those who travelled from interstate; together with the entire parish of St Mary’s, Mays Hill, gathered for the momentous occasion and chanted in one unified voice:

“He is Worthy!”, “Moustahiq!”, “Axios!”

Words of love and wisdom

In a few, yet abundantly edifying words, His Eminence gave the newly ordained Fr. John the wisdom and pathway of the mission in the Church and the world today.

“Dear Fr. John, the priesthood is created and accomplished in the sacrament of the holy ordination by the hand of God, through the hands of the Archbishop, the bearer of the divine authority.” His Eminence added:

“The contemporary man is tired of sins and anxiety, trying to get an answer, refuge and consolation. So he wanders from place to place looking for this comfort, yet cannot find it. People will come to you, as well asking for rest and help. You should give them something different from what the rest of the world gives. Give them peace and comfort in Christ, and through Christ.”

In a full church, there was not a whisper to be heard as the voice of Metropolitan basilios spoke. “Today the whole Antiochian Church is praying for you and your family,”, he said, “for your ‘Presbytera’, Khouriyeh Natalie, your children; that our Lord will strengthen you and grant you His blessing and wisdom to guide His people to salvation. Amen.”

Thanksgiving to God

After the inspiring words of His Eminence, Fr. John Daher responded with much gratitude to His Eminence and to those who had walked beside him on the path to the holy priesthood. “Today I answer the distant call of our beloved Lord, which I heard many years ago, whose voice was calling me to serve.” Fr John, with thanksgiving to God, attributed the role that His Eminence has played in his life, and the life of his family over the last decade, including walking him and Kh. Natalie down the altar for marriage, baptising their children, sponsoring him to the holy Diaconate, and finally ordained him by his own hand to the priesthood.

The momentous occasion was completed by a meal of love for all the clergy and laity in the hall of the Church provided by the parish, and sweets and cake was cut to distribute, provided by the family.


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Deacon John Daher ordained to the rank of priesthood through the laying of hands, of His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios.