On Sunday 26th June, the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, our Chief Shepherd, Metropolitan Basilios celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the St. George Cathedral. In addition to the splendour of the Liturgy and learning of this illumined woman, it was an occasion to honour Mr. Emil Dan (AM) for his long service, membership, and contribution to St. George Cathedral.

Mr. Dan has been honoured and recognised by Nation with the “Order of Australia” for “significant service to community health, to people with asthma and respiratory disease, and to pharmacy”.

Also, he was recognised by the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese and St George Cathedral parish council as an Honorary Emeritus Counsellor for his long-time service and contribution in the life of St George Cathedral and its people.

Mr. Dan was CEO of the Australian Asthma and Respiratory Educators Association (formerly Asthma Educators Association of NSW) from 2006-2009, and has worked as a consultant in this space since 2005.

He has also played an important community role with the St George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral as Chair of its History and Heritage committee and curator and historian, and President, St George Cathedral Parish Association, 2000-2008.

We pray for him and for his family for health, prosperity and wellbeing.