The SMG (Sts Michael & Gabriel Church) Church School was grateful and honoured to have His Eminence Metropolitan Basilios at our parish today for the Feast of the Prodigal Son. After the Liturgy, as we started our church school lessons, we eagerly anticipated a visit from Sayedna.

Before sharing a meal with the parish, His Eminence joined both senior classes, where He warmly encouraged the children to share their thoughts and questions with Him. He spoke to them about the importance of their participation in the upcoming Lenten Fast to the best of their ability. He explained the purpose of fasting- not simply abstaining from food but learning to control our passions. It was evident in the vivified faces of our youth after the lesson that a strong bond was formed between our youth and their spiritual shepherd. Thank you, Sayedna Basilios, for sharing your day with us!

Please come again soon!