Marriage is a Sacrament of service and love. Establishing a strong foundation and a clear understanding of the responsibilities and sacrifices associated with marriage is essential in making the decision to proceed to the altar.

Pre-marriage counselling in the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese aims to educate couples in the theology of Marriage, in the psychology of couples’ dynamics, in facing challenges and personality differences and in communicating successfully to strengthen the marriage union, as well as discussions regarding life decisions such as the upbringing of children, extended family commitments, the running of your home life, financial arrangements and balancing Marriage responsibilities with daily life.

The Pre-marriage Counselling Department of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese advises that the attendance of Pre-marriage counselling, prior to your wedding day, and at the commencement of your life together in marriage, is a vital step towards building an excellent Christian foundation in your home and will arm you with the skills and knowledge to tackle future marriage and relationship challenges with the love and patience of Jesus Christ.

It is recommended that couples attend TWO consecutive Sessions of Pre-Marriage Counselling prior to their wedding.

Please see your parish priest for more information regarding pre-marriage counselling. Please note that it is an expectation that all couples looking to marry in the Antiochian Orthodox church attend the Pre-marriage counselling sessions.

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